Brought to you by the letter

Why the apostrophe? Throughout my life, people have moved, removed, inverted, or completely changed (commas, dashes, dots…) the apostrophe in my last name. Seems like such a tiny thing, nobody really notices, right? I notice. And when it’s there, whether people notice it or not, it changes the feeling of my last name.

That’s the way design works too; the little details that are part of a piece of communication change the way that image is perceived. They are important little pieces of the big puzzle. Take one detail away and the whole is something less.

During my career, I have paid a great deal of attention to the details. The fonts that I choose, their weight, line-height, letter-spacing, and location. The color of the page and all its elements, balance, feel, and texture. The way a user interacts with an application, user feedback, expectations, organization. These and countless other details that make up any design are what make a design what it is.

That’s where I spend a lot of my time, making sure the details that count are there.

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